Hotel history 

Do you know why the hotel and restaurant complex «AllureInn» is located just in the house number 6 in Central Square? There is an interesting fact that its quite a long history is indissolubly connected with the hotel business.


Even in the XVIII century a two-story wooden house with the hotel on the second floor was located in place of the building number 6 in Central Square. Also interesting is the fact that during the Bukovina staying under the rule of Austria the house number was nine.


In the middle of the XIX century durable brick and stone buildings were begun to build the main square of Chernivtsi. As a wooden building at the corner of Central Square and Ruska streets does not fall under the general style, the owner decided to demolish the old building and erect in its place one that would meet the demands and complements the architectural ensemble of the city center. Then a new three-story stone building on a solid foundation, with large wine cellars and arched ceilings appeared.


At that time it was the first three-story building on the square. Then home owners arranged large wine cellars, exactly here, where now several halls of the restaurant «AllureInn» is located.


In the second half of the XIX century many famous architects worked to create exquisite projects to add attractiveness to the main square of Chernivtsi. Another (third) floor was build up to the most of its construction. Upper floors of the buildings in the central square were decorated with various fronts, balconies, pilasters, arches, capitals, balustrades and half-sandriks. Balconies with forged iron railings added special attraction to the restored buildings.


Then hotels, seven in general, were established in most of the buildings in Central Square. In the building number six, where hotel and restaurant complex «AllureInn» is located, hotel named «Hutsul» began to function at that time. Despite of the fact that it is one of the smallest compared to neighboring ones, hotel has spacious inn, so-called «gun», in which travel traders settled for the night and could leave their horses or oxen in specially equipped stables.


Hotel «Hutsul» was known in Bukovina for its hospitality. You can read a lot of interesting information about the history of the building, where is located «AllureInn», in one of the first newspapers Bukovynian «Dobri rady», published as a magazine and led by editor John Danylevych. In particular, in the sixth issue of the newspaper in 1889 you can find information that the house was owned by the Kislinheriv-Fruken’s family.


The first floor of the house number 6 Central Square was rebuilt repeatedly. To improve its appearance various architectural elements and a small balcony with forged iron railing over the main entrance were added.


Since 1906 a shop selling various printing papers was placed here. It was owned by Leon König.


In 1908 jewelry shop of Charles Schulz was opened in this building.


Since 1910 a store selling men's and women's suits of European model, including Paris and German models was located here.


Famous Peso Rosenbaum, who was involved in selling fashionable ladies' corsets of foreign models and different sizes, became the owner of the building in 1912.
In 1930 a jewelry store that belonged to Philip Medilanskyy was opened in one of the apartments. Also on one of the floors famous doctor Maria Moldovan-Isopesku accepted patients with female illnesses.


The company «Mechanics» under the direction of engineer Armonda Ruayha housed in a building number 6 in 1937.


During Soviet rule the house was nationalized and handed over the second and third floors for residential apartments. Firstly a mechanical workshop, where knives and scissors was sharpened, worked on the ground floor. Then a shop selling pies and ice cream was opened here. Late the workshop functioned again, but it repaired musical instruments. Then large clock workshop occupied three rooms. Here people could not only repair watches that have failed, but some details to them were produced in this clock workshop. During some time after the war it was the only one the entire city.


Well-known to all Chernivtsi cafe-miteteyna has been located in the semi-basement apartment from Street until recently. Natural Moldovan wine was traded and delicious food Bukovynian kitchen was cooked here. Formerly cafe entrance was straight from the Ruska street, but soon it was moved beyond the corner of the house.


After reconstruction, completed in October 2013, corner building of the Chernivtsi main square perfectly complements the overall architectural ensemble of the city.


Opening the hotel-restaurant complex «AllureInn», by the way it is the only one in the central square, we tried to preserve its appearance close to the original. We did our best to restore the building its historic mission – to create a cozy and friendly atmosphere, and most importantly – to become a symbol of hospitality, which is always inherent in Bukovina.