Hotel and restaurant complex «AllureInn» invites guests to get to know the city of Chernivtsi. We invite you to visit the sights of Chernivtsi to be filled with the spirit of the capital of Bukovina better.


Just 1 minute walk from the central square, 3 minutes from the famous pedestrian street named after O. Kobylianska, 5 minutes from the Music and Drama Theatre, 10 minutes from the former residence of the Metropolitans of Bukovina and Dalmatia and 15 minutes from the area of Turkish well or Central Park. No matter what you want to visit in Chernivtsi – it is right next to the hotel «AllureInn».


Make sure personally that Chernivtsi not without reason is called «Little Paris». Welcome to the variety of the excursion tours in fascinating and romantic Chernivtsi.



  • 1.City Hall
  • 2.Hotel «Kyiv» (former Hotel «Palace»)
  • 3.Former buildings of «Habsburg» Coffee-House
  • 4.Organ Hall (Armenian Catholic Church)
  • 5.Cathedral of The Holy Spirit
  • 6.Oblast (Regional) Administration (former Palace of Justice)
  • 7.Medical Academy (former Chamber of Commerce)
  • 8.Palace of Culture (Jewish National House)
  • 9.University Hostel (former Hotel «Golden Lion»)
  • 10.Cathedral of St. Cross Erection
  • 11.Hostel of Medical Academy (former Hotel «Bristol»)
  • 12.«Owl-House»
  • 13.St. Praxedia Church
  • 14.«Ship-House»
  • 15.Greek-Catholic Church
  • 16.St. Nicholas Church
  • 17.St. Nicholas Church (1748)
  • 18.Music School (Polish National House)
  • 19.Palace of Weddings (former house of Rosenzweig)
  • 20.German National House
  • 21.Cathedral «Heart of Jesus»
  • 22.Theatre of Music and Drama named after O.Kobylianska
  • 23.Building of Medical Academy (former Jewish Theatre)
  • 24.Buildings of the University
  • 25.Former secondary school of girls
  • 26.University (former Residence of Metropolitans)
  • 27.Railway Station